Food as Therapy

Food and cooking can be such an escape, a form of therapy if you will.  I have been doing some reading from The School of Life in London on this subject. There is an excellent Go-To article here, where they talk through the language of food, and our emotional connection with it - how food rebalances us, both physically and mentally.  Along with how food is a form of communication.  A meal prepared from a loved one or a friend can express the feeling of connection on a deeper level. It all provided excellent food for thought – pun intended!  

It will come as no surprise that our wines are made to pair with food.  Yes, some absolutely can be drunk alone like our 2018 Rosé, but also the Rosé is lifted with a well-curated Charcuterie board with fresh goats cheese and an assembly of condiments.  Our 2016 Chardonnay pairs well with roast chicken marinated in tarragon, garlic and lemon zest.  Team our 2015 Shiraz with confit duck and puy lentils.  The combinations are endless and all dependent on your taste and preferences.