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UMAMU Sparkling Chardonnay with C Restaurant Scallop-Liquorice-Grape, Mushroom & Celery Duxelle

Scallop-Liquorice-Grape, Mushroom & Celery Duxelle  (Serves 4)


450g Button Mushrooms – 450g
2x sticks Celery (blanched and diced)
1x tsp Cornflour
4x tsp Milk
12x Grapes (diced)
1x tbsp. Parsley (finely chopped)
Liquorice root (option to skewer on scallops. Available at most health food stores)
12x Scallops
1x Shallot (25g plain flour, 25g cornflour for coating mixture) 



  1. Clean scallops and skewer on a liquorice root (3 scallops per root)
  2. Grate mushrooms and fry in olive oil. Add corn flour and milk & stir until slightly creamy.
  3. Add blanched & diced celery, diced grapes & chopped parsley to mushroom duxelle. Season with salt & pepper.
  4. Finely slice shallots into rings. Coat rings in flour mixture and lightly fry in vegetable oil (heated to 160˚) until crispy.
  5. Sear the skewered scallops to desired cooking degree.
  6. While scallops are cooking, prepare to plate your dish.
  7. Place a round cookie cutter on your plate. Compact the mushroom duxelle into the cookie cutter, so the duxelle will keep its structure when cutter is removed.
  8. Place seared scallop skewers on top of the duxelle.
  9. Garnish with shallot rings and truffle oil. Optional garnish: deep fried celery leaves or red wine jus.

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