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UMAMU Estate SBS/ SSB museum vertical tasting: 2019, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005 (6 bottle mix pack)

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Dear UMAMU family,  

Did you know that you are your best reviewer of any wine? Wine is very personal, and the most important is whether you like it or not.

Something unique in the world of Australian wines online – a vertical tasting pack of six SBS/ SSB from the Margaret River. Vertical tastings are one of our greatest, greatest (did I say greatest?) pleasures in the winemaking industry. So we hold some back in the museum cellar so that we can look back and continue the conversation with the wines. This is the third in a series that I am tasting with Lindsay my former viticultural and wine lecturer the wonderful Lindsay Corby (ex La Trobe University), of Cosmo Wines in the Yarra Valley, Australia. In the old days we would sit in Margaret River to conduct tastings. 

We went through the range of vintages and selected our top six picks to share with you in this vertical pack. I know you might think us crazy with these older vintages but trust me, it is worth the exploration especially if you like to explore! Here is an opportunity for you to sample some older well-structured mature wine - grow and develop your palate. Then you know what takes your fancy especially if you are a SBS/ SSB lover. If you were to drink the older vintages in a blind tasting you would not guess the age; instead you can appreciate a wine full of character. 

See a list of key flavours/ textures for you to look out for in the 6-pack at the bottom of the page.

A wine that can age, ie have cellaring potential – means it is a really good well-made wine. To use an analogy, the wine has the horsepower to develop character and become more interesting. All the first/ top growths in France do this. It’s like watching a child grow up and mature well.

  • 2019 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (SBS)
  • 2010 SBS - Best of class 2021 Alberta Beverage Awards 
  • 2009 SBS 
  • 2007 SBS 
  • 2006 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (SSB)
  • 2005 SSB - 4.5*/5 Winestate review 16th Aug 2021

  • Good acid profile with a percentage given treatment and time in oak, which offers structure, longevity and potential. Therein lies the beauty of a well-made wine and the journey of our palate development. Explore & Expose your palate, it is always worth it. The best part is to watch a wine develop.

    Now with Covid, we Connect Our Vertical Inspired Drinking virtually! And I am as excited to Zoom through these. 

    Explore + Different Vintages/ Blends + Training = Exciting Exploring Palate!

    Read our tasting banter & some of our notes and special mentions and actual reviews of each wine from the respected reviewers.

    Each vintage in the Margaret River wine region, where we are based in Western Australia, can be a different tasting experience due to:

    • degree days
    • acidity
    • alcohol content
    • weather
    • rain
    • disease risk
    • harvest dates
    • so much more

    Every year, we have strived to make each vintage as balanced as possible. We put a portion blend (about 8-12% depending on the season) through barrel fermentation and about six weeks in the barrel before bottling to give texture and longevity. It was such a treat to appreciate the differences and similarities in this vertical tasting. 

    Enjoy wine pairing? The SSB05 is the first wine we produced that was ready for release, and I literally tried this with everything I ate. Found it to be such a versatile wine from sashimi to seared fish to mild curries and the only thing it didn't pair well with was deep fried eel Shanghainese style!  My nieces cooked an amazing paella which I paired with the SBS07 and it was a dream come true! Try the recipe here.

    If you would like a combination of our wines that is not listed on our cart or for delivery outside Australia, please contact us on


    Reviews & Notes 

    2019 UMAMU Estate SBS

    "This is still very very young for us but it may be spot on for some of you... incredibly crisp so some raw fish would pair well. We include this so that you can explore the journey of a very youthful SBS and what happens as it develops and then you can decide which chapter of a SBS life you usually prefer!" UMAMU

    90 points James Halliday drink till 2034

    4.5*/5 Winestate Magazine May June 2021 Edition

    "Vibrant thrust and acidity. Needed 6 months to settle down when tasted in Sept '19, then its longer-term prospects will have become evident." James Halliday

    "A complex spicy herbaceous nose with a lovely drive of lemon-like varietal fruit flavours just starting to develop honeyed toasty notes." Winestate Magazine

    2010 UMAMU Estate SBS

    Best of class 2021 Alberta Beverage Awards (ABAs)

    Thrilled we just heard on the 16th August from our Alberta agent Terry of Allure Import that our SBS10 received Best of Class in the 2021 ABAs. 

    Gourmet Traveller WINE Apr May 2021 issue

    91 points and 4 stars ****

    “UMAMU Estate specialise in aged wines. The colour is still light-mid yellow, the bouquet is limy and gently toasty and nutty, with background traces of snow pea, the palate is light and crisp, dry and soft at the same moment. A well made wine that is aging placidly." 
    — Huon Hooke

    Lovers of UMAMU wine will know we take great pride in aged wines, and this review has made our hearts warm. 

    2009 UMAMU Estate SBS

    "This wine is inviting, sweet, fresh, intense, lolli poppy, some (pleasant!) vegetal and kerosene coming through and herbaciousness with creaminess."  UMAMU

     notes on our 2009 and 2010"This is how you feel after finding the best seat at the party. You're relaxed. People are getting around you and you don't have to do a thing. People are talking and you're just taking it all in. Kick back. You earned that spot. The 2009 is my kinda vibe. It's mellow, chill and happy to watch the world go by. The fruit has settled and the sharp and crisp apples have become sweet apple pie that was baked in an oak fuelled fire then glazed with a compote of dried apricots. Great. Now I want to make an apple pie."

    2007 UMAMU Estate SBS

    "67% Sauvignon Blanc  34% Semillon. Freshness, lanolin, definite structure coming through, spritely, plenty of acid (amazing!) with notes of oak. Perfect pairing with paella. I am really proud that this wine was listed on the wine list of The Ledbury, former regular on 50 Best lists, hold two Michelin stars." UMAMU

    Listed on wine list at The Ledbury 2012-2014

    Top 100/ Blue-Gold Sydney International Wine Show 2013

    "Best of tasting: Medium yellow in colour. Delicate nose with a touch of capsicum, lemon zest, stonefruit and herbaceousness. Great zesty acidity in the mouth although a little sour/drying on the finish. Balanced fruit flavours, good length with hints of buttered toast, honey and marmalade with some underlying citrus and herbs." Wine & Viticulture Journal September/October 2013 

    2006 UMAMU Estate SSB

    "Mid gold and fresh looking. Lightness on the nose. Mouth filling is lighter but in balance and nice coating in the mouth. Pleasant and nothing sticks out at you. Subtle flavours coming through. 52% Semillon 48% Sauvignon Blanc. This is softer compared with the 2005 SSB, understandably as 2006 vintage is the coolest we have had in Margaret River. Wines were very delicate and restrained from the cooler ripening season. The SSBs have semillon dominance and showing a different style which is softer and more elegant and less racy." UMAMU 

    2005 UMAMU Estate SSB

    "This wine has received 4.5* out of 5 and results were released 16th August 2021. Goldilocks appearance, nose is spicy little tumeric coming through, palate is deep and sides keep going on." UMAMU

    4.5*/5 Winestate Magazine Sep Oct 2021 Edition

    Picture of semillon vines August 2021