Our Philosophy

I joined the family business over a decade ago to fulfil a dream to create our own family label.

Our vision was to utilise the balance of Margaret River with its rugged terrain and temperate climate. This we termed “UMAMU”, a palindrome inspired by Balance & Contentment. Balance & Contentment has firmly become the philosophy of everything we do at UMAMU.

Everything we do at UMAMU is about balance - our ecosystem, environment, enjoyment of life and our work.

As I started to appreciate the importance of ‘work/life balance’, I sought for our brand to be something the consumer can engage with. I wanted people to have an association and conversation around our wine, as they reflect on their life journey, giving rise to Balance & Contentment within themselves – and inspiring it in others.

I realised from the outset the importance of carefully managing the vines so that they are in balance, so the rest of the wine journey can then flow naturally. This includes how we manage and refine our trellis and canopies, the choice of French oak barrels to pair with our fruit so that neither outweighs the other and our striving for a balanced palate.

We aspire for our wines to drink well on their own but also to pair with food, with prongs to the fifth flavour of food known as Umami.