We are UMAMU

We are UMAMU.
We create and sell exquisite handcrafted
wines. Each bottle is deliberately and
meticulously created: from the delicate
balance tasted within each glass, to the
small touches of family handwriting and
messages on our labels.

Our philosophy has always been to give
our wines time to age in the bottle before
release, a rarity in today’s market.

Enjoying wines when they are ready to
drink, rather than straight after bottling, is
the reason our wines have developed
such a pleasant and sophisticated texture.




The philosophy behind UMAMU is
inspired by Balance & Contentment.
These values reflect the balance we seek
from vine to wine and to enrich the
celebration of your life.
Rated a 5 star producer by James Halliday,
our wines are handcrafted from our
family vineyard, first established in

Margaret River in 1978.