2010 UMAMU Estate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (SBS) from the Margaret River

2010 UMAMU Estate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (SBS) from the Margaret River

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Dear UMAMU family,

We are excited to offer you this 12 pack of our Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (Margaret River SBS) 2010 – one of the best of our Australian wine catalogue from our vineyard in the Margaret River wine region.

Our Sauvignon Blanc parcel was planted in 1987, while our Semillon parcel was planted in 1997. Both vine canopies are well managed in order to improve light interception and hence development of flavours during ripening, while reducing any microclimate humidity. 

The Sauvignon Blanc parcel is located at 130 metres asl – one of the highest in the Margaret River wine region. The varieties were vinified separately, selecting an aromatic yeast for the Sauvignon Blanc, and a textural yeast for the Semillon. The balance of the Sauvignon Blanc to Semillon is 54% to 36% respectively.

A portion of this homegrown, Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc Semillon wine was fermented in French oak barrels to provide some background complexities and textures. The final blend was assembled when all the wines had completed fermentation. When looking to buy Margaret River wines online, you'll get heaps of enjoyment from this special 12 pack.

If you would like a combination of our wines that is not listed on our cart or for delivery outside Australia, please contact us on umamu@umamuestate.com


What is a Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

The infamous blends of SBS and SSB hail from the famous growing region of Bordeaux, in southern France, where they are called a white Bordeaux. Margaret River in Western Australia has a marked Mediterranean climate – fairly parallel, in fact, to that of Bordeaux – which is why these blends have been around since the infancy of discovery of the Margaret River wine region. The region was identified with having optimum growing conditions by Western Australian agronomist Dr John Gladstones in his 1965 report, which influenced the establishment of the region.

UMAMU Estate has created both Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (Margaret River SBS) and Margaret River Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (Margaret River SSB) wine blend. Though they are similar, there are also vast differences – just like siblings! Each has their own character.

In a nutshell, whether a white wine is an SBS or SSB depends on the blend percentage – with the most prominent ingredient named first. For us, however, we base our distinction on the vineyard, on what the grapes look like that year, and on which blend will make the best white wine. It’s a balancing act between crafting the best expression of that vintage with practical experience on what makes the most economical sense, too.


Best of Class Alberta Beverage Awards August 2021
Gourmet Traveller WINE Apr May 2021 issue
 91 points and 4 stars ****

We are SO excited to receive this wonderful review from Gourmet Traveller WINE Apr May 2021 issue – Australia’s leading independent drinks journal:

“UMAMU Estate specialise in aged wines. The colour is still light-mid yellow, the bouquet is limy and gently toasty and nutty, with background traces of snow pea, the palate is light and crisp, dry and soft at the same moment. A well made wine that is aging placidly." 
— 91 points Huon Hooke

Lovers of UMAMU wine will know we take great pride in aged wines, and this review has made our hearts warm. 


What a lively review from The3Winesmen:

"2010 - this is your younger mate at the party who is trying to replicate you but he’s like a Meerkat. He’s a bit manic to start - his head is left, right, up and down but when he chills, he chills, for a while.

For those playing along you’d know of my love for the guys and gals that do all the hard work for you. I know space is precious and costly but the results of releasing wine when ready to drink as habit should just be the norm. C’mon Australian wine producers. You know I’m right.

The 2010 was me before I discovered what I really like and who I want to be. It’s chill, but it knows it can always chill more.

The Semillon is holding the Sauvignon Blanc to account with great balance of bees wax and floral notes but it’s the pear, guava and subtle oak that provide the structure here.

This is how wine should be. What a treat. Let the wine work for you."

Have a Go News

This from Frank Smith, wine columnist at Have a Go News:

"What a well matured SBS should taste like. Vibrant green hue; a bouquet showing citrus, straw and a touch of toasty oak and pallet with nice texture and acidity and a long and fresh finish." 


If you would like a combination of our wines that is not listed on our cart or for delivery outside Australia, please contact us on umamu@umamuestate.com. Thank you.