Sparklings at Bubbles Festival Brisbane 14-15th May, Perth 7-8th May Postponed to 25-26th June.

We are excited to share we will be at The Bubbles Festival in Brisbane weekend after next (14-15th May). The event sold out but new tickets have been released, which you can purchase here. The event in Perth has been postponed due to lockdown from 7-8th May to 25-26th June, and you can purchase tickets here.

The festival is a multi city celebration of Sparkling Wine Presented by The Bubbles Review and Partners. Tickets need to be purchased in advance. Please come and connect.  

We will be showcasing our Sparkling Chardonnay 2012 and Sparkling MacAnn 2019.  

Back in the seventies while on a cruise the sommelier asks Dad, “what would like this evening sir?” to which this little five year old replies, “pink champagne.” So when we started producing our own UMAMU wines in 2005, we had to produce a sparkling.  There are several ways to put bubbles in wine, for example you can pump gas into a tank of wine and then bottle them.  But we opted for the traditional method of bubbles being formed in the bottle.  Reminiscing our visit to Dom Perignon in Champagne, France in the 80s during boarding school break.  Back then I thought in order to call a sparkling a vintage it needed a minimum of three years on lees while the wine goes through secondary fermentation in the bottle.  So we tracked our 2005 annually as it developed and at three years realised it had potential horsepower for longer so we ended up giving it four and a half years on lees.  This was my striving make the best wine possible in Margaret River at any cost mentality. 

The 2012 has four years on lees with very refined beads and elegance. Dad writes Margaret River in his elegant handwriting for the front label and Mum writes ‘For Mac’ on the back label. 

The 2019 made with Semillon and a titch of Sauvignon Blanc is produced in a more youthful style with one year on lees.  We name MacAnn in honour of Dad (Mac) & Mum (Ann) who first visited and fell in love with Margaret River in the 80s.  We further include a dragonfly drawn by a dear friend @bulanlfestyle to signify resilience as we embrace challenges.