Connection & Contentment Newsletter 19 April 2020

How was your Easter time?  We hope you were able to connect with your close ones during the Easter weekend, virtually or if possible in person.  The isolation has been affecting all of us differently and with extended lockdown, it is presenting us with time to reflect on what truly matters and one common theme with my whole team is the importance of connecting with people.

I had the opportunity to join a special Easter Meditation retreat ‘in Sweden’ and listen to one of the Master teachers who shared about how the world is unifying, the importance of gratitude and love, to be in the here and now, to explore, to be open and to have Contentment.  This brought so much Contentment to me – this is what UMAMU strives for and is about – Balance & Contentment
What gives you Balance & Contentment?
One of the things that gives me much Contentment is connecting with you. 
I am reminded about ‘how I go about Balance & Contentment’ and I thought to share with you.  It took me many years to learn to cope with the loss of my Mum.  I started to jot down what helped me cope so that every time I caved, I referred to my ‘Balance tool kit’.  Since then, I have found this kit useful during times of uncertainty, when I feel unbalanced or stressed – to be more resilient and ride the ups and downs.  This lockdown period is giving me a chance to check out my tool kit.  To understand myself better so that I can be the authentic best version of myself and those I connect with.
For UMAMU, we continue to think of how we can further embrace Balance & Contentment and in this vein, please know we have refined our website.  The site has our new release wines, food pairing recipes and our Go-To’s for Balance & Contentment blog that we started during lockdown and will be gradually adding to over time. We hope you find it easy to navigate and see first-hand how the UMAMU brand is going and growing.
There is also an added feature in our new website that I would like to take this opportunity to share with you.
Between Covid-19 and Bushfires… 2020 has been tough.  Like you all we’ve been sitting and watching in disbelief with breaking hearts at what has unfolded around our beautiful country and wondered what we could do to maximise our contribution.  Whilst we have made donations, we felt we could do more.  And as the media spotlight slowly moves away from the fires, the biggest time to support rebuilding communities happens now.   
To assist the rebuild, we will donate 100% (less postage and handling fees) of sales of mystery wine cases comprising labelled or cleanskin.  The wines we are donating are part of our late Mum’s aged museum wines, her philosophy was to enjoy developed wines.  Mum has been the foundation of UMAMU and loved Australia in particular WA, so it is fitting that we share her wines for this cause.

We have priced this specially at $100 for a dozen (straight varietals only) to make it easier to purchase more!  All you need to do is head to the bushfire fundraiser page on our website and select as many cases as you like (where possible with multiple case orders, we will try to send different wines) delivered direct to your door. 
Funds will be distributed between both BlazeAid who’s camps are working their way through fire affected areas in an effort to rebuild fencing and other infrastructure; and WIRES who are set up to assist wildlife carers working with native animals affected by fires all over Australia.    
If you aren’t a wine drinker, we’ve included direct links to both our selected charities for direct donations just in case, as every little bit counts. 
Thank you all. 
Warmly Charmaine & Team UMAMU