Cool Autumn Nights Newsletter 24 April 2020

Hoping that you have all had a good week.
This week, things are really starting to cool off, especially for our friends in southern parts of Australia.  I feel that during the cooler months we enter a time for stillness, silence and patience.  It is a real time for rest just like the vines now getting ready to rest through winter and with this new world we really are in a time of hibernation.  We are given a chance to conserve and restore our energies.  As per our previous correspondences I find meditation a wonderful practice of rejuvenation of energy, allowing me space to cleanse, gain clarity and inspiration.  You might find yoga to be restorative or even the simple art of journaling to be an effective way of creating space in the mind to allow yourself to find new possibilities.  To help you through what you are experiencing in the present and understand yourself better.  I listened to an interesting interview (video below) with Amanda Graham, (clinical psychologist come yoga come so many more amazing things) by Jo Parfitt, whom I like to call ‘writing go to goddess’.
One of our biggest joys during this time is slow cooking. It truly is an art form, from a simple Coq au Vin to a zesty and rich Osso Bucco or even a Boeuf Bourguignon.  These dishes all personify the essence of the cooler months, they allow you to practice patience and most of all slowing down and enjoying the fruits of your labour in creating a balanced heart-warming dish.  Hopefully with a good glass of red.  There is a fantastic short rib recipe up on our website that we have paired with our Cabernet Sauvignon.
We are so excited to see Huon Hooke from Good Food Online, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald featuring Ann’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 in his wine review "Three red wines with a little age on them".  This is how I learnt to drink wine, to have the patience we speak of and to allow the wine time to develop so it is the best representation of not only the fruit, but the labour and management we have put into the vineyard.  When you find time please head over and have a read
Before I sign off for the week, I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all who have supported our Bushfire Campaign.  We are incredibly touched and thankful, 2020 has truly been an unprecedented year for so many people, we have extreme gratitude for the position we are in and we wanted to help our communities and earth in some way.  So, thank you in helping us help others.  I will continue to share the links in our communications below for all of those who are either interested in buying wine in support or to support our chosen charities directly.
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.
Balance & Contentment,

Charmaine & Team UMAMU.