Gratitude and Thanks Newsletter 17 May 2020

Hope you had a lovely Mothering Sunday.  I wish everyone I connect with on the day, as we all have a Mum.  And for me, it is remembering Mum, celebrating her in the presence of and with Dad. 
I had an "ooorrrrr" moment when my friend Tiffany sent me this beautiful sketch below.  Thanking me for being a pillar of strength, for sharing this topsy-turvy life on Earth for all the laughter and tears.


Immediately this gave me the "A-HA" moment to:

·       Write and give thanks and gratitude

·       Talk about our totem the Dragonfly

·       Include Art as a Go To for Balance & Contentment

Thanks to Tiffany for being one of my pillars since losing Mum.  We are blessed to be on this journey together.  For creating beautiful art that I can enjoy and resonate with.  For creating the dragonfly which we use as UMAMU’s and my personal totem since last year. 

And this we chose because they are in our vineyard and for them to reside there signifies they are happy with their habitat and healthy biosystem.  The dragonfly symbolises so many things - the virtue of living in the moment and living life to the fullest, happiness, new beginnings and change for many centuries.  Associated strength, adaptability and transformation and the ability to go with the flow.
“Thinking of you… May the dragonfly in you, resilience, adaptability, wisdom, harmony, happiness – living life – be with you always.”

And today, I would like to share Art as a Go-To, creative journaling with sketching and art.  Please allow me to share Tiffany sketching (see below) and if this resonates with and inspires you for some Balance & Contentment, please check her out on Youtube she has many videos.  I am making a collage piece – so far there is just one piece on this piece but many more in my mind to piece together!  
And in going with the flow, it is remarkable that I have been wearing the infinity sign  with "Mumsie" inscribed since Mum.

To then discover that Ascension Meditation uses this same symbol and that the Dragonfly wings are in this similar-shape and embrace a Balancing SeeSaw pivoting on the body. 

Similar to a Blend and on that note, we are featuring our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon this week.  We have teamed it up with a cured kingfish dish in homemade infused lemon basil oil as a delicious starter to a meal. 

Finally I would like to say thank you to all my pillars, here a couple that you may find interesting.
My Ascension Meditation clan for being my go-to this lockdown.   Thank you teachers Dom & Maria, teachers in Sweden and Mexico for all their sharing and guidance.  They have taken me to a deeper understanding of self.
Jo Parfitt for her writers circle, and interviews and workshops.  Jo has been one of my pillars since Mum and continues to be.  Journaling and writing have been so healing for me and now as a real go-to for Balance & Contentment.
Thank you to all of you for your support with UMAMU and thank you to my Dad for being my everyday whom I care for everyday.

With Gratitude and Thanks,
Charmaine & Team UMAMU.