Reflection Newsletter 10 April 2020

Hoping you are well and you managed to catch a glimpse of the super full moon.  As we embrace the new norm, I find myself reflecting on the origins and background to UMAMU.  I have had the pleasure of sharing this with many of you during the events we have participated in; please allow me to share again and with everyone.

My parents discovered Margaret River in the early 80s and it became their favourite part of Australia.  By the late 90s, Dad fell in love with our vineyard nestled 10km east of Margaret River featuring plantings of some of the oldest in the region, dating back to 1978.  I came on board almost two decades ago fulfil a dream to create our own family label. 

Our vision was to utilise the balance of Margaret River with its ancient soils, rugged terrain, cooling sea breezes and temperate climate to craft wines that express the terroir with elegance and intensity.  This we termed “UMAMU”, a palindrome inspired by Balance & Contentment – a philosophy and approach we strive for in everything we do at UMAMU. 

I realised from the outset the importance of carefully managing the vines to be in balance, so the rest of the wine journey can flow naturally.  This includes how we manage and refine our trellis and canopies; the choice of French oak barrels to pair with our fruit so that neither outweighs the other, striving for a balanced palate.  We aspire for our wines to drink well on their own but also to pair with food, with prongs to the fifth flavour of food known as Umami. 

For me personally, UMAMU came at a time when I started to appreciate the importance of work life balance.  (My MBA thesis was titled “Work Life Balance as a Management Consultant”…!)  I wanted our name to be something our consumer could engage, have an association and conversation with.
UMAMU is about reflecting the unique balance that is relevant to each and everyone of us, giving rise to contentment within ourselves.”
Like the letters of UMAMU being a mirror image, above you can see our reflective pebbles balancing one on top of each other.  These pebbles we gathered and borrowed from a beach in Margaret River.  We chose five letters harnessing the five natural elements.  We hope that you can see this reflected in our wine.
I look back at our beginnings.  Seeking and striving for balance in my life continues. Wishing you Balance & Contentment as you reflect on your lives.  Each stone representing a step in our journey here, to this very present precious moment writing to you and to the future as we tenderly balance one more stone.
“Wherever you are, be all there.”  Jim Elliot.
Wishing you a Blessed Easter.  Please know the intro to Ascension Meditation is on this Saturday.  See link or below for details.
With Balance & Contentment,
Charmaine and Team UMAMU.