Soaking up the Coronation and the London Wine Fair

Greetings from London where I have had the pleasure of being here during King Charles III's Coronation and the Brits do do it so well!

I love it.

From wearing blue white and red colours of the Union Jack to joining in sweet parties to having a Coronation pie paired with UMAMU!

Any green paddock and there is a big screen showcasing the Coronation and the concert.

Life has taught me to celebrate all that is available for celebration.

I am always on the look out for ways and means... I find it balances life out especially if there are knocks we may be having to embrace!  

The London Wine Fair

Next stop, I took the opportunity to explore the London Wine Fair (LWF) that is open only to trade and thought I would share my top interesting takeaways from the fair. 

Consumers are buying less but buying better! An overall awareness of physical and mental health.

No and low alcohol spirits and wine as a category are rising, there were at least 10 exhibitors with sparkling tea, various spirits and sparkling wine all zero or very low alcohol volume. Is this something that would interest you?

Wine in a can is the new big thing. I have to say it is very convenient and during the Coronation concert, we got cocktails in a can. Sustainable and not messy. A time and place for everything.

Sustainability is taking a back seat as times are hard and taxes for alcohol are rising. 

Eventhough the LWF has seriously downsized there were still about 280 exhibitors. And each exhibiting say 10 products, that is 2800 products at a minimum.

How do you choose when you go to a show?

Am always grateful and excited when consumers come by and taste our wines and join our UMAMU family. And even more excited when they return and say we were their favourite of the show.

Each to our own and the main thing about wine is knowing what you like and what you don't, that is your best guide.