Warm Autumn Days Newsletter 2 April 2020

How are you?  When I was in boarding school, all snail mail letters started with a ‘How are you?’. 

I hope you are keeping as well as can be and your days are fulfilling.

Thankfully vintage 2020 wrapped up for us last Friday and grapes are safe.  I continue to embrace the things that give me Balance & Contentment such as daily virtual lockdown meditation.  I did the first course of Ascension Meditation last February and have been practising 99% daily since – it is like an overall support that guides me to be present in the here and now; allows my mind to have a rest and my body to recharge.  Here is a great article on it by my teacher and if this resonates with you, Dom will be doing an intro session soon, please check here for details.  Please know we have created a space to share our ‘Our Go-to's for Balance & Contentment’  with you on our website. 

Do you feel that this lockdown life has brought on a new sense of innovation, creativity and connection? 

Something else I find very therapeutic is cooking and this makes me think of the recipes we created for you and would like to start sharing them again.  And with the weather as gorgeous as it is, Chardonnay keeps speaking to us, so please find here a Chicken pie recipe paired with our 2016 Chardonnay.  We are incredibly pleased with this vintage, the Chardonnay fruit ripened seamlessly with crisp acidity and vibrant fruit profiles despite the challenging season.  Can you imagine, the fourth warmest in twelve years with a ripening season full of rain which increased disease pressure. 

James Halliday rated our 2016 Chardonnay 95 points describing it as - “Gleaming green-gold; combines richness and complexity with (unexpected) elegance and freshness, the conflicting streams finding the way to resolve their differences through an overpass of texture.” 

Enjoy this any way you like while tucking into our chicken and pumpkin pie recipe below and you can also find more recipe and wine matching on our website here.

We are thinking of you and hope that you and your family are keeping safe.  Sadly a dear friend’s father has been taken by the virus.  I’d like to share this poem during these times that has helped.

everything that is meant for you will find

you. from people. to moments. to things. if

it is for you, it will come. and when it does,

be there. enjoy. live. and love.

r.m. drake

Please continue to let us know where, how and what you are doing, and do send or tag us in your socials if you make the pie.  Wishing you moments of harmony.

With Balance & Contentment,

Charmaine and the UMAMU team.