5 reasons why UMAMU rosé is the perfect way to tell someone you love them

You can view our UMAMU Estate 2018 Rosé here.

When we lost my mum in 2014, I missed being in her headspace.

My mum, Ann, discovered Margaret River with my Dad, Mac. Dad fell in love with a pioneer vineyard just 8km of the actual Margaret River in 1997, before I joined the business in 2002.

Carrying on without her was a new journey, my mum was my best friend, my partner in crime, my every day.

I was always in her mind.

Everybody gets busy with their lives and their loves; with COVID we’ve gone months without seeing our own parents, pillars and partners in crime.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking about you, and vice versa.

When we crafted our first UMAMU Estate rosé in 2018, after releasing the wine, I had urge to give a bottle to all the treasured people in my life that on my birthday. I like to hand-write a personal message on the label where possible, to let them know that I was thinking of them. They were in my headspace.

Here are 5 reasons why our UMAMU Estate 2018 Rosé could be the best way to tell someone you're thinking of them too. 

1. Thinking of you... With Love

I dedicated our 2018 Rosé to the memory of my mother, to all who have touched my life, and to give you an opportunity to give your special someone a bottle.

That’s why the back label reads: ‘Thinking of you… With Love’.

In the same way I used to handwrite messages on the bottles before delivery, you might like to write your own message.

There’s something wonderful about personalising a gift, putting your own stamp on what you want it to mean.

Think of it like a greeting card, except with wine inside!

2. Rose-tinted glasses

We get the word 'rosé' from the French meaning 'pinkish'. In Spanish the wine is called 'rosado' and in Italian 'rosato'. Most European languages use the same word for rose flowers, the colour pink, and for rosé wine.

In English we have also adopted the word 'rosy' from French – meaning promising, healthy, happy – and hence the idiom ‘to see the world through rose-tinted glasses’. 

There are entertaining theories about the origin of the idiom: some say it's from looking through an empty wine you've just glugged; others say it was the Victorians love of rose gardens; while one bizarre theory suggests rose-coloured goggles prevented chickens from pecking at one another as the tint marred their ability to perceive the colour red, and hence blood. 

According to the Eastern philosophy of Feng Shui, the colour pink represents attracting love, enhancing relationships and improving self-esteem.

Indian wisdom says pink is associated with the heart chakra, representing soothing love, comfort and understanding.

The rose quartz crystal similarly represents love, forgiveness and emotional balance, helping to diffuse negative stimuli.

While pink flowers might not signify the burning romantic love of red blooms, they are still bought in Western cultures by people wishing to express a different kind of love: friendships, mother-daughter relationships, new arrivals to the family, weddings, birthdays, thank yous, and the more mature romantic love of anniversaries.

3. A rose that won't wilt 

Most rosé wines you drink will have been harvested that same vintage, or one before, but not more.

In the traditional skin-contact method of making rosé, black-skinned grapes are crushed and the skins swiftly removed and discarded, rather than let to remain in contact with the grape must throughout fermentation as in red wine making. This is how we get the light hint of rose.

The skins are then discarded, rather than allowed to remain in contact with the grape must throughout fermentation as in red wine making.

Grape skins, however, are one of the main sources of tannins in a wine, which act as antioxidants and help to preserve the wine.

Most rosé wines will start to oxidise after two years.

Our 2018 Rosé, however, is made of a blend of 82% Cabernet Franc and 18% Merlot – two red-skinned grapes that are more oxidation-resistant than popular rosé grapes such as Grenache.

We also oaked the rosé for four months before bottling, factors for which reviewers have suggested a drink-by date of 5 years and beyond.

A rosé that doesn’t have to be drunk the same day it is made, but can bloom like a rose at your will, is a rarity.

wine pairing with rose from australia

4. A versatile wine pairing 

Our 2018 Rosé is dry, with a softness to its acid and texture, that makes it a great wine to pair with delicate dishes.

The nose is fresh and floral, with hints of red berries, while the palate is crisp, delicate, elegantly sophisticated and with good length.

Here’s how Australian wine guru James Halliday described it:

"Pale crimson in colour, but with excellent brightness. Dry style, sparked with spice, run with redcurrant and with a softness both to its acid and to its texture; it almost feels cuddly."

At UMAMU Estate, we’ve already written recipes for two seafood-based recipes to enjoy with this 2018 Rosé: a melon, prawn & prosciutto salad; and snapper crudo, with basil, orange and macadamia.

We have also paired this one with delicate pastries and sweets too – and the pairings are a dream! 

UMAMU estate rosé 2018

5. The gift of giving

At UMAMU Estate, we are passionate about positive psychology.

Former president of the American Psychological Association Martin Seligman began the movement in 1998 on the principles that those who think positively, rather than dwell on negativity, tend to succeed.

A curious study published in the Journal of Consumer Research just a year later, in 1999, was the first to examine how gifts can affect relationships.

Researchers found that gifts had the power to affirm and strengthen bonds, with feelings of connection and shared meaning intensified. ‘Epiphany’ was the way they described it when a thoughtful gift hit its target.

Four factors that needed to be in place were: perception of the existing relationship; the gift itself; the ritual context; and the recipient’s emotional reaction.

We hope we've explained why the gift of UMAMU rosé is special, and given tips for wine pairing as a ritual context, so positive psychology would say all you need is a good outlook of how that gift will be cherished and by which of your loved ones.

We’ll certainly be giving you a cheers from us all at UMAMU Estate.