Chicken Curry paired with UMAMU Chardonnay

My mum made the best chicken curry. I wanted to find a recipe that is simple for us to prepare a chicken curry and pair with our Chardonnay. The actual curry paste is spicy, so if you like it spicy, follow the method on the packet but you need to pair it with our Shiraz 15 or 19!

For pairing with our elegant Chardonnay, then please follow the Chardy tuned recipe below which just has hints of spice. I use less paste (save the rest for another time) and add more coconut milk to balance up the level of spiciness.


800g chicken pieces
115g A1 instant meat curry sauce
Splash of white wine that you are drinking (optional)
500ml water
200ml coconut milk 
Fresh bread or rice as you prefer.
Mango chutney or fig jam, something slightly sweet to pair with the curry



Put 115g of instant curry sauce into a pan and heat, add a splash of white wine and stir and reduce. Add water gradually then add in the chicken and simmer through to cook. once cooked, add the coconut milk and gently bring to the simmer and serve.

Growing up we had chicken curry with white bread and it is a good combo. The gentle spiciness of the curry allows it to pair well with our elegant Chardonnay. I add in the mango chutney for a little sweetness that adds to the party.

Here is a link to our chardonnay collection incase you fancy some.