Sparkling wine pairing – Oysters with mignonette sauce

Sparkling wine pairing – Oysters with mignonette sauce

sparkling wine pairing oysters with mignonette sauce

Ever wondered what wine goes with oysters?

Or what pairs well with a sparkling wine?

Then here you've found a perfect match. Oysters pack a powerful punch of umami flavours. This richness in mignonette sauce makes a great sparkling wine pairing. 

Especially with our lively 2019 MacAnn Sparkling Semillon from Margaret River!


24 fresh oysters

1-2 (1/3 cup) shallots
1/2 cup Light red wine vinegar
Dash of sea salt
1 lemon
Trout roe


Finely dice the shallots and put into a ramekin or small bowl and pour red wine vinegar to cover the shallots. Add a dash of salt. Ideal to make this the day before ad chill in the fridge so the ingredients can soak and mellow.

Serve the oysters on a bed of ice and serve with the mignonette sauce and some lemon wedges.

Top with some trout roe.


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