UMAMU Estate SBS with Dover sole, capers & lemon

UMAMU Estate SBS with Dover sole, capers & lemon

Feeling like a lost soul the other day, I ended up playing with a sole, the kind from Dover!  Pairs beautifully with our SBS10, the SBS is such a versatile wine and nicely chilled it had a real good conversation with the sole and me of course!  


Dover sole
Great frying pan*
Flat non stick utensil and a flat wooden spoon

*The brand I use is Scanpan (ceramic titanium) it is a roasting tin and as I discovered doubles up perfect for pan frying sole!)


Heat up knob of butter in the great frying pan and as the butter melts, the pan warms up a bit. Place in gently the Dover sole and leave it alone.  Medium heat.  Let it sizzle slowly so that the fish gets to cook.  Key is not to over cook but still cook it and get the outside crisp and nicely brown.

Then use the non stick flat ended device to ease the fish over to cook the other side.  For a regular size sole, would be about 4 mins each side.

Then ease using the non stick flat under the sole and the wooden spoon to just hold it tight above the sole to lift the sole out and onto a nice oval plate.  Add in the capers to the remaining butter to crunch them up then pop ontop of the sole.

Wrap a halved lemon in gauze and pop next to the sole (the gauze keeps the seeds away from the fish).

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