UMAMU Sparkling with Roughly Pesto with Buckwheat Pasta, Gluten & Diary Free

Serves one. Ratio up ingredients to serve more.


80g Buckwheat pasta (check that it is 100% as some do add wheat)
50g Fresh basil
50g Fresh Cashews
50g Olive oil or any oil you are not allergic to 
2 Cloves garlic 
50g Fresh rocket


Cook pasta in boiling water with a teaspoon of oil (any kind)

Put all remaining ingredients except for rocket in a blender and roughly blitz so you can still see some choppiness rather than smooth. I did this so that I didn't need so much oil!

Then put blendeds into a deepish pan, add the buckwheat and mix toss together then add in the rocket with medium heat and toss and it is ready.

Doesn't it look so fresh and enticing.

Enjoy with Sparkling MacAnn which you can find here.

Bon appetite.