Wine Pairing as Therapy – 5 recipes to complement UMAMU wines

Food and cooking can be such an escape, a form of therapy if you will. I have been doing some reading from The School of Life in London on this subject.

There is an excellent Go-To article here, where they talk through the language of food, and our emotional connection with it – how food rebalances us, both physically and mentally. It also explains with food is a form of communication: a meal prepared from a loved one or a friend can express the feeling of connection on a deeper level.

It all provided excellent food for thought – pun intended!  

It will come as no surprise that our wines are made to pair with food. Yes, some absolutely can be drunk alone like our 2018 Rosé, but also the Rosé is lifted with a well-curated Charcuterie board with fresh goats cheese and an assembly of condiments.

Here are 5 recipes that pair beautifully with our UMAMU Estate Sauvignon Blanc, SBS and SSB wines:

1. UMAMU Estate Sauvignon Blanc with Risotto, hot smoked salmon, peas and asparagus

The light refreshing wine, high in acidity with a citrus finish, lifts the mellow smokiness of the salmon and the herbaceous flavours of the peas and asparagus with hint of lemon.

2. UMAMU Estate SBS with Dover sole, capers & lemon

Felt like a lost soul the other day so ended up playing with a sole, the kind from Dover!  Pairs beautifully with our SBS10, the SBS is such a versatile wine and nicely chilled it had a real good conversation with the sole and me of course! 

4. UMAMU Estate Sauvignon Blanc–Semillon with prawn taco, avocado, cucumber and corn salad

A fresh citrusy mouthful with a hint on heat and saltiness to perfectly match a glass of UMAMU Estate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon. 

4. UMAMU Estate Sauvignon-Blanc Semillon with scallops, watercress, fennel & beetroot salad with Asian miso & lemon dressing

The sweetness of the scallops balanced by the saltiness of miso and tart lemon pairs well with the citrus flavours of the wine. Want to learn more about Sauvignon Blanc–Semillon blends? Read our blogpost here.

5. UMAMU Estate Sauvignon Blanc with Cheese Platter

Sauvignon Blanc works so well with a cheese platter, the acidity and lightness of the SAB makes it the perfect foil for assorted cheeses whether the cheese flavours are smoky mellow or tangy and sharp. The acidity cuts through the richness of the cheeses enabling each cheese tasting to shine.

The combinations are endless and all dependent on your taste and preferences.