UMAMU Estate Sparkling MacAnn with Rambutan and Crunchy Pork Canapes Gluten and Dairy Free


Rambutans (I prefer the yellow one because it is more full in texture and less sweet but a full red  is also good) peeled and deseeded (you need a smart knife for this)
Pork with steaks of fat sliced up into bite size 
Corn crumbs / polenta
Grapeseed oil or any cooking oil good for higher heat cooking
Flat frying pan
Little wooden sticks aka toothpicks
Absorbent paper


Put some corn crumbs/ polenta onto a plate, sprinkle with salt. Add the bite size sliced pork and roll to cover them with the corn.

Cover pan with oil say 0.5cm high in oil. Heat up the oil. As you see the oil start to move a little, add the pork (separately if you can and quickly so that the cooking time is the same but being careful as the oil may spit). Watch the cooking and once the pork is gathering bubbles around it and you can hear the sizzle, turn it over to check the colour and you want it pale golden. Then cook the other side. This will take just a few minutes (being bite size cooking time is a few minutes), just keep watching and checking and once done, remove onto absorbent paper.

Then I like to roll up a deseeded rambutan and pop it on the pork and skewer with a toothpick. And voila, you have rambutan crunchy pork canapes.

If you can't find any rambutans then you can try this with apple (cube and sear a little to soften) or fresh mango cubed.