Meaning behind the name – UMAMU Estate MacAnn Sparkling

My Mum was trying to get me a car for the longest time and when she came across the Macan model by Porsche, she realised why she hadn't found a car until then!

Mum got an extra 'n' arranged and voila: we have a Macann (aka MacAnn) after our founders Mac & Ann, my parents. So it's a name with a lot of meaning for us.

That is why we named our latest sparkling white wine 'Sparkling MacAnn' in honour of my parents, who discovered Margaret River in Western Australia back in the 80s and fell in love with our current vineyard in 1997. 

Our Sparkling MacAnn 2019 is made with Semillon and a touch of Sauvignon Blanc is made in the traditional method with 15 months on lees in the bottle before disgorging.

I realise all these little things & meanings make a world of difference. It makes me extra happy to be able to ride in the car as if 'with' Mum & Dad. I reminisce about all the little things and realise they really do contribute to our well being. It's something that keeps coming back to me – and a topic I will continue to write about.

UMAMU Meanings

It is wonderful to be able to have special meanings on our wine labels and designs. Please click here to read more about the meanings behind all our labels.

To celebrate the Bubbly Festival event in Perth on June 21-22 (read more here) we created this video below to tell the story of how our MacAnn Sparkling came to be:

View our 2019 UMAMU Estate Sparkling MacAnn:

2019 UMAMU Estate Sparkling MacAnn *New Release*